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10 Signs You’re with the Person You Should Marry – According to Matchmakers

How do you know you’re with the one you should marry? They say when you know, you know. Well, what do those people who are not 100% sure do?

We chatted with Sherri Murphy (SM) from Elite Connections and May Hui (MH) from Catch Matchmaking, who both told us exactly what they think it takes to know you are actually with the person you should marry. From having a sense of humor to really accepting you for you, these are the 10 signs to help you realize you are with the person you should marry.

1.     He or she doesn’t try to change you: They recognize your faults and accept you for everything you are.

SM: “One of the most important things I’ve learned from all the different types of singles I’ve worked with is that anything is possible if you’re meant to be together and both people truly want a relationship. People do change when they want to and they end up being happier and better people,” Sherri said.

2.     He or she has the same values as you: You are both on the same page when it comes down to the important things. Money, children, religion…

MH: “There is no way two people can successfully be together for the long haul if their spending habits differ greatly. Relationships are tough enough but usually money is the #1 thing people fight about.  If you’re frugal, you can’t be with someone who spends above their means.”

3.    You want to tell him or her everything: They are the first person you want to tell everything to when something big happens.

MH: “If you have the winning lottery ticket, you will most likely call this person first! That’s a great sign when s/he is the first person you think of when you have good or bad news.”

4.     You get along with each others’ friends: You are able to spend time with his/her friends.

MH: “Birds of a feather flock together. If you are stuck on an island and those are the people you are with and you can stand them, that’s a good sign.”

5.     You can travel together without arguing: You are able to spend multiple days and nights together without wanting to pull your hair out.

MH: “This is often the best test to a relationship. Traveling together allows you to make decisions that you are not facing everyday at home. You get to see if s/he’s the type who talks to strangers everywhere, if s/he’s on time, or his/her eating habits. Can you live with these things? Is s/he cheap and doesn’t buy souvenirs for friends and family. Is s/he considerate of you when thinking of things to do around town? How is s/he when faced with a sudden change of plans with the flight schedule?”

6.     He or she has an opinion: He or she isn’t afraid to say what they think. They take what you have into consideration but is able to say what they want also.

MH: “This comes down to being yourself. If you can say what is on your mind, almost without a filter, and s/he is okay with what you are saying, then s/he’s a keeper.”

7.     You get along with each other’s families: You don’t cringe every time you have to go to “their” house.

MH: “This is so important for long term happiness. It’s nice when everyone gets along and you actually look forward to family visits because you are friends with the in-laws instead of having to spend time with them out of obligation.”

8.     You both contribute to the household: You both have a job and are able to contribute each other’s future lives financially and equally.

SM: “The real test of a relationship is when things go wrong. What happens when one of you loses your job, or gets sick?  If their mother or child doesn’t like you, do you walk away from the relationship? You can work around any problem if you are really devoted to each other.”

9.     You don’t always need to be perfect in front of each other: You don’t always have to look put together, you can just relax and really be you.

MH: “Relax. You don’t always have to have makeup on when you are around each other. You don’t even need to comb your hair sometimes, that’s how comfortable you are with each other. How nice is it to be able to change clothes in front of that person and not worry about your imperfect body in front of your perfect-for-you man/woman?”

10.     Things are amazing both emotionally and physically in the relationship: You are attracted to each other both intellectually and physically.

MH: “You make each other laugh no matter what you are doing: running an errand, cooking, teasing each other, or having inside jokes. You both are enjoying the intimacy that relationships bring.”

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