10 States Where You Are Most Likely to Encounter a Serial Killer

In the United State alone there have been over 2,625 serial killers who have repeatedly committed atrocious crimes. With such a high number, it makes you wonder just how likely you are to encounter a serial killer in your day to day life.

Researchers at Radford University and Florida Gulf Coast University decided to work together to review information from a database of serial killer information, and figure out just which states put you at greater risk of running into a serial killer.

They considered both the total number of documented serial killers and victims in each state since 1900, and also took into consideration certain population changes for historical accuracy.

Below is a summary of what their report found, according to 247wallst.com.

  1. Alaska

Alaska has only had 51 people recorded as being murdered by a serial killer. The number sounds low, since the more densely populated states like California have serial murder victims in the hundreds, however the study created a murder rate based on population. For Alaska that rate is shockingly high, at 15.65 residents per million people who are likely to become victims to a serial killer. This makes the state the number one most likely place where you might encounter a serial killer.

  1. Nevada

While Nevada also has a low number of serial murders on paper at 98, when adjustments are made for historical population numbers it actually lands the state at the number two spot.

  1. Florida

Florida is notorious in and of itself for the truly bizarre crimes that take place within state lines, so naturally it ranks as one of the top ten states where you’re most likely to encounter a serial killer. 778 murders in the state have been attributed to serial killers.

  1. California

California has had almost 1,500 serial murders since the 1900s, and has been the scene for some of the most notorious serial killers out there—including the Zodiac Killer, Richard Ramierz and more.

  1. Washington

Washington has had a whopping 277 people killed by known or suspected serial killers, some of whom have never been caught.

  1. Oregon

Oregon has the sixth greatest frequency of serial murders in the country, after accounting for population ratios. Of note, a large number of the 162 serial killings that have taken place in the state since the 1900s have been due to strangulation.

  1. Louisiana

276 serial murders were reported in the state since the 1900s, with the 2000s being one of the worst decades for the killings. Derrick Todd Lee was one of the worst perpetrators, and became known as the Baton Rouge Serial Killer before he was eventually caught and convicted.

  1. Texas

Texas actually has the second-highest number of serial killings of any state at 793 reported.

  1. Utah

There have 78 reported serial killings in the state of Utah. One of the most notorious serial killers from this state was Ted Bundy, who killed 36 women across multiple states.

  1. Oklahoma

174 serial murders have been reported in Oklahoma, 84 of which occurred in the 1980s.