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10 Statues that Cried Blood

Statues aren’t supposed to do a lot of things. Crying blood is definitely one of them. Nevertheless, it happens.

As strange as it seems, this phenomena isn’t as rare as you’d think. In fact, there are multiple cases of statues that cried blood all over the world. But regardless of how common it is, it’s still super creepy.

Many people all over the world have flown to these statues’ locations to witness the blood so-to-speak miracle with their own eyes.

So why is this happening? Is this just the inexplicable workings of the natural world? Or is this the work of someone—or something—supernatural? Is it all mere coincidence? Or is it all staged by someone who wants to induce mass hysteria?

To find out more about these statues that cried blood, check out the video below.

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