10 Strange Jobs That Pay Well

Bored with your current career? Looking to make a change to something more exotic, fun and strange — something that will make you the topic of conversation at the next party (in a good way)?

CareerGlider compiled a list of 10 strange jobs that pay well, and it’s really worth checking out. Depending on your temperament, education, and ability to stomach certain slightly disgusting situations, one of them could be a good fit for you. There’s a quick list above, with more details for each profession listed below. Let us know what you think of them in the comments or on our Facebook page.

#1 Medical Tattooist
These folks help people recover from injuries or illnesses by disguising scars using the colors of the skin’s natural pigments. It can also get you a side gig doing permanent eyeliner on ladies.

#2 Embalmer
Embalmers preserve dead bodies so that family and friends have enough time to travel to the funeral; they give people a chance to say goodbye one last time. Plus, you’ll get some Six Feet Under cred.

# 3 Lab Rat Breeder
Someone’s gotta do it, and those critters are necessary for science. But you can’t just grab them out from under your house — lab rat breeders provide specially-bred rodents —  so a deep understanding of genetics and biology is needed.

#4 Child Wrangler
They’re an especially wild breed of creature, but just like with lab rat breeders, someone has to do it. These folks keep kids safe and happy on TV / movie sets and photo shoots, sometimes coaching the child so that he or she gets the job done right. According to CareerGlider, “Many people come to the job from other roles in film or media, though some knowledge of developmental psychology helps.”

#5 Dog Psychologist
Also known as a veterinary behaviorist, dog psychologists treat dogs that are overly aggressive, fearful, disobedient, or that suffer from separation anxiety or depression. As a bonus, you may score your own TV show out of it.

#6 Exo-meteorologist
Exo-meteorology is the study of weather on other planets. We have no idea how you’d do that, but we imagine Mr. Spock was educated in this field, which is why we used his picture above.

#7 Horse Exerciser
Hoofs hurt, people, so you need to know what you’re doing.

#8 Pirate Fighter
Yep, there is such a thing. With the rise in Somali piracy in the Indian Ocean, cargo ships are increasingly turning to armed guards to protect themselves from armed pirates on small motorboats. Most pirate fighters are former professional soldiers, usually from the special forces, so training is necessary.

#9 Spider Venom Extractor
You’ve got to be both skilled and brave to do this, but the chemicals from spider venom can be used for lots of important scientific work. See how it’s done in the video below.

#10 Sports Mascot
Seem simple enough? According to ESPN, half of all mascots have suffered a heat-related injury, and the costume heads are tough to clean. Plus, you’ve got to get drunk fans riled up in the right way — not in a murderous rage. Good luck with that.

For the full write up for each gig, check out CareerGlider.