10 Useful Life Hacks from 100 Years Ago That Still Work

Apparently, back in the late 1800s cigarette manufacturers needed to reinforce the paper packs that their cigarettes came in. So they began to insert stiff card stock into each pack of cigarettes. This eventually became a bit of a marketing ploy—like the prizes in Cracker Jacks—and they began to print themed sets with artwork, trivia, pretty girls and the like onto the card stock. These cards became prized collectibles, and people were eager to collect every card in a themed series.

In the 1910s, Gallaher’s Cigarettes released a set of how-to cards, with tips and tricks to make everyday life a little bit easier.

It is what we in modern times would call a set of life hacks. They offer a little glimpse into the past, and a look at what sort of day-to-day activities that people found irksome problems back in the day.

Amazingly, several of these life hacks are still pretty useful—even 100 years after they were first printed!

From fending off a dog attack to keeping a match lit in a strong wind, check out these 10 clever life hacks from 100 years ago.

Posted on Imgur over two years ago, these little tips and tricks have started going around online again recently.

So check them out in the slideshow above, although keep in mind that some of the information is rather dated. Use discretion should you choose to attempt any of these.