The 10 Most Ridiculous Fair Foods in America

County and state fair time is almost here and with it so are the wacky, eyebrow-raising, daring food concoctions that only come around this time of the year.

Since our local fair is still a few weeks out, we thought we’d amp up the anticipation by taking a look at some of the weirdest food items from around the country.

While we’d be happy to offer descriptions for these “delicacies, we think their names  pretty much say it all. Check it out.

1) Mealworm-Covered Caramel Apples, Arizona
MealWorm_Apple_4002) Cheeseburger with Fried Ice Cream, Florida
Fried_Ice_Cream_4003) Fried Beer, Texas (Yes, that’s pretzel dough with beer filling)
Fried Beer4) Hot Beef Sundae, Indiana
Hot_Dog_Sun_4005) Pickle Pop, Kansas
Pickle_Pop_5006) Spaghetti and Meatball on a Stick, Minnesota
Spaghetti_4007) Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich, California
Krispy_Kreme_4008) Fried BubbleGum, Texas
travel channel_4009) Fried Salsa, Texas
state fair of texas fried salsa_40010) Chocolate-covered Jalapenos, Minnesota