10 Incredibly Weird Video Games

Let’s face it. Video games are weird. Even the most mainstream games are based on concepts that would make Salvador Dali shake his head in disbelief. However, there are some games that just boggle the mind. We’ve gathered some of our favorites here in this list of 10 Incredibly Weird Video Games.

Goat Simulator

This game is exactly what the title implies. You take on the role of a goat running around an open world map attempting to cause as much damage as possible. This game was initially meant as a joke but gained a cult following after videos of an early version were shown on Youtube.

Mister Mosquito

This game is centered on one goal: sucking blood from an unsuspecting family as they try to go about their daily lives. A player must meet certain quotas of blood for each stage. If you suck blood too fast, the family members go into attack mode and try to kill you.

Icarus Proudbottom and the Curse of the Chocolate Fountain

Our first two entries are tame compared to this one. You play as the aptly named Icarus Proudbottom, a young man who, on his way to a five dollar Chinese buffet, was hit by a truck full of laxatives, and is cursed to, well, involuntarily perform a certain biological function. In fact, he does so with such regularity and force that it propels him through the air. The game pits you against hapless geese, neo-Nazis in WWI airplanes, and Former President Barack Obama. I told you these games were weird.

The Stanly Parable

This narrative driven game casts the player as Stanley, an office worker tasked to monitor data coming on a computer screen and press buttons appropriately without question. One day that screen goes blank, and Stanley starts to explore the building. He finds he is alone in the building. At this point, the player must make certain decisions to propel the story forward.

The actions in the game are described by a narrator. The narrator often attempts to push the player in certain directions, and even displays displeasure when his advice is not followed. At times the narrator even breaks the fourth wall, speaking directly to the player. The game has been viewed as a meditation on the nature of choice and free will. Not exactly your run-of-the-mill button smasher.

Whose Your Daddy?

Players are pitted against each other in this strange simulator. One player takes on the role of a hapless father who must struggle to keep his infant child from causing themselves harm. The other player takes on the role of the infant. This player tries to kill themselves through various household dangers like sticking forks in electrical outlets and drinking bleach.

Cow Clicker

This Facebook game was created in response to popular “freemium” games on the social media platform. The gameplay literally amounted to clicking on a cow every 6 hours to gain points. Like other “freemium” social games, players could unlock special content by inviting friends to play and posting about gameplay. While it was originally meant to be satire, the game quickly grew in popularity, amassing a large following.

C. Kane

At its heart, C. Kane is a love letter to the fantasy role-playing games of the past. But boy is it weird. While it takes its name and some nominal features from Orson Wells 1941 Magnum Opus Citizen Kane, it really has little to do with the movie. Instead, it is a simple, surreal journey full of talking trees, strange circuses, and mad hip-hop beats.The less I say about this one the better. Just do yourself a favor. Search this little gem out and play it.

Zombie Nation

There is nothing really strange about zombies in video games. While this game also adds samurais into the mix, that really isn’t that strange either.  However, add to that the fact that said samurai is a floating, disembodied head and the zombie hordes arose from an alien-controlled meteorite that crashed into Earth and we have now entered the city limits of Weirdville.

LSD: Dream Emulator

Okay, this game exists for no other purpose than to be weird. The player explores surrealistic environments without any overarching goals. The game is played in short sequences or “dreams.” The player begins each “dream” in a random area that they can explore. As the player completes more “dreams,” the game adds more variety by changing the textures more often. This adds to the effect, creating ever more surreal or psychedelic landscapes.

Muscle March

This game begins when a thief steals your friend’s protein powder, and you have to chase after him through a series of environments. The thief busts through walls leaving behind holes in the form of bodybuilding poses. To keep up with the thief, the player has to stroke those poses themselves. The game offers a cast of flamboyant characters including a Norwegian bodybuilding polar bear.

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