10 Worst Catwalk Fails: Take a Tumble Down Memory Lane

Nobody can escape gravity. Not even supermodels.

Modeling sure does have its perks — the fashion, star-studded events, traveling the world — the list could literally go on and on. Unfortunately, the career also leaves room for catwalk fails, especially when attempting to strut their stuff in 10-inch heels on a freshly waxed runway.

What is a catwalk fail? It’s not necessarily a “wardrobe malfunction,” though that can certainly be a part of it. (Though, honestly, there’s so much skin showing at these shows that it’s sometimes hard to tell if something is a malfunction or just fashion.) In the case of this story, we’re talking about when the model falls while trying to look absolutely perfect.

We’re not sure why that makes us laugh. We know it can’t be easy walking a slick runway in front of all those people in absolutely ridiculous footwear, but we do chuckle nonetheless — and the photos posted above will show you why. They’ll also make you realize that the catwalk can be a dangerous place.

Clearly suffering for the sake of fashion? All in a day’s work.

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