9 Worst Celebrity Selfies

Celebrities always complain about the paparazzi snapping their every move, but evidently it’s okay to snap away and post those photos online as long as the famous person is taking the photos of themselves.

Normally this isn’t a big deal. After all, any of us can shoot selfies and share them with our friends. But the real problem with celebrity selfies? When those pictures make that person look silly, stupid, ugly or worse. And, yes, there can be “worse” than those descriptions listed here.

There have been a bunch of selfies popping up lately — and we can’t even blame Ellen’s impromptu selfie moment at the Oscars. This has been happening long before that night. No, the ones we are talking about are the worst celebrity selfies ever — photos where you wonder just how sober that person was when he or she decided to pull out the phone and start snapping (and posting) away.

From Eminem to Madonna, Chris Brown to James Franco, we’ve got a motley mix posted above. Check them out in our slide show above. They may make you rethink the next one you take.

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