10-Year-Old Gets Badly Bitten by Shark But Returns Ocean to Rescue Her Friend

Kaley Szarmack, is only 10-years old, but her heroic actions are already setting her apart from most kids her age. The Florida girl was playing in the water at a Jacksonville beach when she was attacked by a three-foot-long shark.

With a badly injured leg Kaley walked herself to shore, then realized that her six-year-old friend was still happily swimming unaware in the shallow water.

“She walked herself out of the ocean and she realized that the six-year-old was still in the water, so she turned around and went back and got the six-year-old and took her out of the water,” Kaley’s father, Dave Szarmack, told WJXT-TV.

Only when her friend was safely out of the water as well did Kaley seek help for the large gash on her leg.

According to her parents, she was transported to a local hospital where she was treated with 90 stitches to the wound during a surgery that took about an hour. Fortunately she is expected to make a full recovery.

“I am just so proud of her,” said her dad. “And so thankful that she is doing well.” He also stated that she has no permanent damage—although she may be left with some scarring.