10-Year-Old Girl Gets Stuck in a Washing Machine, Hilariously Retells the Story

We’ve heard stories about small children falling into washing machines due to a mistake on their parents’ part before, but never have we heard of a 10-year-old losing her balance, toppling over into a machine and then being stuck in a pretzel position for an hour.

Well that’s exactly the situation Dejannah Price found herself in recently when she was helping her mom with the laundry. The Long Island girl explained to reporters she was reaching in to retrieve some rugs from the machine, when she tipped over and flipped into the machine.

Although she was stuck in the machine until her mom called 911 to get her out of there, Dejannah has a pretty good attitude about the whole thing.

“(I was) scared at first, and then it started to get funny,” she told reporters.

Luckily she wasn’t injured and has come out of the experience with an interesting story to share with her friends. She’s also says she has learned an important lesson.

“I’m never helping my mom with laundry ever again,” she said. Well, if there ever was an excuse to get you out of doing chores, we’d say it would be this one.