100-Year-Old Letter to Santa Recovered From Boarding School Chimney

In 1922, a little girl named Haly H, who attended Monmouth’s Girl’s School in Wales wrote Santa a letter. Nearly 100 years later that letter has been retrieved from the chimney of the Welsh boarding school.

The caretaker at the school happened upon the find when he was asked to clear out the chimney in one of the bedrooms, and although time and the elements have done some work on the piece of paper, the writing is still legible enough to make out the details.

The girl’s name and the date are two examples, as are the items the little girl asked Santa for: a book titled Tell England and a “fancy dress with shoes.” We hope that’s exactly what she got all those Christmases ago.

According to Her.ie, a copy of that book and the letter will be displayed in the boarding house for current and future generations of students to see.
letter to Santa

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