This Man Is Getting Coffee With All of His 1,088 Facebook Friends

We’ve all purged our Facebook feeds of those annoying friends still leftover from high school, or college, or awkward dinner parties. Mostly we delete these so-called friends without another thought.

When 28-year-old Matt Kuleza was ready to trim down his Facebook friends, he had a sudden change of heart. The Melbourne, Australia-based student decided instead to do something much more interesting.

Instead of deleting acquaintances as Facebook friends, he decided to make each and every one of them into a real life friend, worthy of connecting with via social media. It was then that he began his 1000+ coffees blog to document his efforts to meet, and share a cup of coffee with, all of his 1,088 Facebook friends.

He uses the blog to document each meetup he has with one of the friends, as he reconnects with old friends and meets new ones who he previously only knew online. Each post contains a picture and outlines the background of Kuleza’s relationship with the Facebook friend, and tells of how the interaction affected him in the end.

His goal is to have more genuine human interactions, and he claims he’s been surprised how willing people are to meet up and the diverse personalities, interests, and viewpoints he’s been exposed to thanks to the effort.