At 103, the World’s Oldest Living Twins Are Totally Inseparable

The various mysterious and myths surrounding twins is well known. Among those is the notion that they share a special connection.

Whether the connection is the result of having spent nine months together in their mother’s womb or merely genetic, the fact is, the bond they share can’t always be explained.

For the oldest living twins the world, their union is one that has kept them inseparable their entire lives.

Glenys Thomas and Florence Davies, born in 1911, have experienced the world side by side for the past 103 years. They have resided in the small town of Abertridwr, Wales, since they were born.

According to the Daily Mail, the duo’s secret to a long, healthy life is credited to enjoying the simple pleasures.

Thomas’s 65-year-old daughter says:

They have lived a simple life. Neither Mam or Aunty Flo can drive. They never went abroad. But they were always happiest together. The whole family’s social life was centered around their church and their community. You had to stay local in those days because it was so hard to get around.

The sisters are so in sync that they even shop together for matching outfits and bought houses right next door to each other. Today, they live in a pair of joined aparents at Abermill Care Home.

They have five children, 12 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.