11 Best Vehicles for Summer Camping

Summer is in the air and for most people that means one thing: camping!

Camping seems to have a special way of erasing all of the frivolities of life, letting you get down to the basics. When you get out there under starry skies and the rugged terrain, it doesn’t matter what your hair looks like or what you’re wearing.

The smoke from the campfire fills the air, the cooler is full of beer, you’re surrounded with a few amazing friends (or you could be roughing it out solo) and your tent and sleeping bag await your slumber after a long day and night of adventure.

Sometimes, this perfect little haven is located just a few miles outside of the city, while on other occasions it could be all the way across the country. When we venture off on road trips, most likely we’ll be camping at sites that are easy to just drive right up to.

You have the option of going the route of bringing along minimalist backpacking gear that simply gets shoved into the back of your sedan or SUV, assembling an elaborate pop-up camper with all the comforts of your home, including custom awnings, or hopping in your 4×4 pickup with a high-rise cap hooked up to the back.

Whether camping is your idea of the best vacation or a classic nightmare, it’s definitely a rite of passage for many people come summertime.

But since not all vehicles are created equal and not everyone loves getting back to basics, we rounded up a few awesomely outfitted ones that would make any nitty gritty car camper and road-tripper cringe.