12 Amazing Moms You Should Know

Ever since former President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day an official United States holiday back in 1914, every year in May we’ve made it tradition to celebrate our mothers in all of their kick-butt glory.

So, as a tribute to Mother’s Day, we’ve created a list of 12 glamorous and beautiful celebs that have proven themselves, through sacrifice and hard work, to be amazing moms.

Hillary Clinton
hillary and chelsea

Ever since Hillary gave birth to Chelsea in 1980, she has been a devoted mother, role model, and best friend to her daughter. She is proof that even under the spotlight of the media, a woman can follow her dreams while mothering a bright and compassionate daughter.

Katie Holmes

Katie is the ultimate mother-warrior – despite the media spotlight on her controversial relationship and lifestyle with a hugely famous A-lister, she dared to make a major life change for her and her daughter.  And after the split, Katie quickly made accommodations to give her daughter, Suri, as normal a childhood as she can possibly have.

Olivia Newton John

Olivia is a graceful and gracious beauty who stuck through thick and thin with her daughter’s trials. She is also a breast cancer survivor and has recently come to the aid of her older sister who has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Mira Nair

Indian film director and producer, Mira has received various film accolades as well as India’s third highest civilian award, the Padma Bhushan. Outside of film, Mira founded the Salaam Baalak Trust, a foundation that educates and houses street children in New Delhi and Mumbai. The children are trained in arts and theatre and perform around the world.

And how does this amazing filmmaking mom balance work and her son? She works her film shoots around her son’s school calendar.

Sandra Bullock

What’s not to love about Sandra Bullock as a mom? She adopted little Louis Bardo Bullock at around the same time when her ex-husband’s cheating ways were revealed, which resulted in a very public divorce. Nevertheless, she kept her head up and embraced her new life as a single mom with courage and grace.

Sheryl Crow

Another single celeb mom, Sheryl Crow didn’t only have to deal with a public divorce from cyclist Lance Armstrong after he didn’t want to have kids, but she also is a breast cancer survivor who now rallies for a cure for the disease. Talk about having a strong mom in your life.

Gwen Stefani

A Hollywood power mom who balances having her own clothing line, doing charity work (including donating $1 million to the Japan Tsunami Relief), being a fashion designer, creating music, and spending time with her husband and their two sons. The most impressive part – this busy mom manages to look flawless every moment of the day.

Michelle Obama

What more needs to be said? First Lady Michelle is the mother of two daughters, wife to the President of the United States, and launches nationwide programs such as Let’s Move! and Joining Forces. Before the international spotlight? Michelle completed her undergrad at Princeton University, graduated from Harvard Law School, was University of Chicago’s Associate Dean of Student Services, and was also University of Chicago Medical School’s Vice President of Community and External Affairs.

Jenny McCarthy

This funny, inspirational, tells-it-like-it-is former playmate is also a huge advocate for autism. Since 2007 when Jenny officially announced that her son had autism, she has been an activist promoting research for autism causes, while writing books on parenting.

JK Rowling

This single mother was struggling to support her daughter and herself on welfare when she first created what would be an international phenomenon – Harry Potter.  Today, JK Rowling is the first billionaire writer, ever. But despite all of this, finding an online photo of her and her children is difficult – a true testament to JK Rowling’s commitment to keep her children out of the spotlight so they can lead normal lives.

Lauren Sterling

After a visit to Guatemala and witnessing the devastating effects of not having parents, Lauren and her husband adopted five Peruvian siblings who lost both of their parents to tuberculosis, through the adoption ministry through Lauren’s church. Today, Lauren’s a happy mom to seven kids.

Angelina Jolie Brad PittBRADPITTwithkids

It’s difficult enough raising one child, but when you’re managing a brood of six kids – all under the age of 12 — that’s pretty darn impressive.