12 Controversial Children’s Books: Would You Give Them to Your Child?

Children’s picture books aren’t quite what they use to be!

The Hungry Caterpiller, The Tale of Peter Rabbit and all the Dr. Seuss books are still out there and doing well, but there are also a bunch of more controversial children’s books on the market. For example, now you can educate your kids on anything from why divorce is an excellent idea, to the importance of marijuana, to how crack babies are produced, to why Michael’s gay dads are living in sin, to how to deal with bullies that laugh at your winky in the locker room.

Your child can also experience the joy of pouring his or her energy into a 9/11 memorial coloring book, complete with burning World Trade Centers and plenty of machine guns. Wouldn’t you just love one of these masterpieces adorning your refrigerator?

Check out the following gallery of controversial children’s books, and let us know if you would read any of them to your children.