12 Famous Celebrity Co-Stars Who Hated Each Other On Set

Dealing with a coworker at work who you hate is a struggle, but not too bad if you get to loathe them from afar. After all, it’s easy to dislike someone ten cubicles away, or three class rooms down. However, when you have to work in close proximity with that person day in, day out, it can get really crunchy.

While big movie stars may live a glamorous life and have an unconventional work environment, the struggle is no less real for them when there is friction on set.

These 12 celebrities all had major feuds on set, and allegedly even hated each other while working together.

These stars had to work together to pretend as if they were madly in love with one another, partners or even best friends. In reality, when shooting their scenes they probably wanted to rip out each other’s hair.

Click through the slideshow above to see if the stars in your favorite movies totally hated each other while filming.