12 People Whose Lives Were Changed by Getting Face Transplants (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Since 2008, there have been several breakthrough surgeries in face transplantation, which have given people who once felt hopeless a chance at a new life.

The risky procedure replaces the patient’s own face with a full or partial face of a deceased donor. As you might have guessed, this is no walk-in-the-park surgery.

Aside from the operation itself taking countless hours and requiring many overseeing medical specialists, once the face is sewn on, the patient must adjust to their new skin, both physically and psychologically.

“There is a complex rehabilitation process where the patient learns how to eat, speak and make facial expressions again,” said Dr. Maria Siemionow, director of plastic surgery research at the Cleveland Clinic.

After learning about how Richard Norris started modeling for GQ Magazine following a miraculous procedure which gave him a new face, we wondered how many other people have had successful face transplants.

And this list of 12 people is what we found.

They may only represent a handful of patient’s who have underwent the procedure, but they are some of the most impressive and unbelievable transformations we have ever seen. Medical technology sure is mind blowing, isn’t it?!

Some of them were in involved in violent domestic disputes, others suffered from gunshot wounds, a bear mauling and traumatic car accidents.

True beauty really does come from within.