12 Nauseating Photos of Synthol Gone Wrong

People seem to be perfectly okay with putting their bodies through hell in an attempt to achieve an ideal physique.

For example, take these men who decided to inject synthol into their muscles — the results are nauseating.

Synthol is a tonic, mouthwash and hair product that is often used (mainly by bodybuilders) to instantly bulk up. While repeated injections may make someone’s muscles look larger, it does not create actual muscle.

These injections are also incredibly dangerous and typically leave users with bodies that look like overly-filled balloons ready to pop. If not done properly, synthol can seriously deform and infect the body.

Some users have had to have their arms amputated, and others have even died.

In the slideshow above, we feature 12 images of synthol gone wrong. Unfortunately, these guys went overboard and have to live with the consequences of their choices.

Images: eatliver.com and memolition.com

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