13 of the World’s Worst Mothers

You would think that a mother, like any parent, only wants what is best for her child, right?

Sadly, some women are just not fit to raise children, even those that go into parenthood with the best of intentions.

Everyone makes bad choices in life. And while bad choices don’t necessarily define someone as a “bad mother,” some women are just spectacularly awful when it comes to raising their offspring.

We’re talking about the kind of moms that have done unspeakable things to their children — not the type who simply hiss at their little ones in the supermarket when they throw a temper tantrum.

For example, the women featured in the slideshow above include a mother who allows her toddler to take a bong toke, one who stabs her baby for biting while breastfeeding, and even one who left her newborn in the car with a note while she did some shopping.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Take a moment to be grateful that none of these women are your mother.