13 Awesome Photos of Things Cut in Half

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably fascinated by the thought of what various things would look like if they were cut in half.

As kids, we used to love seeing how cutting into a geode or agate would open up an entirely new universe, one that sparkled with dazzling crystals and colors. While┬ánot everything is as captivating once cut into two, it’s still kind of cool to see what various things are composed of, such as a loaded handgun or Zippo lighter.

These 13 photos of things cut in half will spark your imagination and get you wondering how other items would appear if they were split down the middle.

Oh, and just for your well-being, you may not want to Google “things cut in half.” Why? Because you’ll get into a dimension of the Internet that you probably don’t want to see. Trust us: There are a tremendous amount of things you will wish you could unsee. Hey, we warned you!