13 Famous People Who Tragically Died from Gunshot Wounds

Gun control is a big issue as it’s always been. But did you know that many of your favorite celebrities died from gunshot wounds. Some died at the hands of people whom they knew, others were shot by strangers or by accident. Some committed suicide.

Here’s our list of celebrities who tragically died after being shot:

1. Marvin Gaye: He was shot by his father after the two men got into an argument. His father pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

2. Tupak Shakur: The world famous rapper died at age 25 when a car pulled up next to Shakur’s car and shot him several times. He died a short time later of internal bleeding. Many think Notorious B.I.G was at fault but he was never tried.

3. Selena: The Tejana singer was murdered by an employee in 1995, when she was just 23 years old.

4. John Lennon: The former Beatle was shot four times in the back in December of 1980 by Mark David Chapman. Chapman lingered after the shooting so police would arrest him and he’d become famous. He remains in prison serving a life sentence, as of 2015.

5. Brandon Lee: A martial artist, Brandon Lee was also the son of the legendary Bruce Lee. He died as a result of an improperly loaded pistol on the set of The Crow. His death was ruled an accident.

6. Mahatma Gandhi: The spiritual leader was shot and killed in 1948 by a Hindu radical, following some other unsuccessful attempts on his life.

7. Notorious B.I.G: This rapper, who many believe was responsible for Tupac Shakur’s death, was killed in 1997 as he left the Soul Train Music Awards afterparty. His murderer was never caught.

8. Sam Cooke: The singer was shot and killed by a motel manager, who said that Cooke had threatened her.

9. Carl Switzer: Switzer was Alfalfa on “Our Gang.” He was shot in the leg in 1958 while getting into his car, and again in 1959 over an alleged debt. He died after the second shooting as a result of internal bleeding.

10. Malcolm X: The Civil Rights leader and human rights activist was shot and killed in 1965 with a sawed-off shotgun while preparing to address the Organization of Afro-American Unity. Just two days before his assassination, he told an interviewer that the Nation of Islam was trying to kill him.

11. Gianni Versace: In 1997, the 50-year-old fashion designer was shot outside his home by a man who committed suicide just over a week later with the same gun he used to kill Versace. The motive behind his murder has never been determined.

12. John F. Kennedy: The 35th president of the United States was assassinated by an unknown marksman – believed to be Lee Harvey Oswald – while in Dallas, Texas in 1963.

13. Kurt Cobain: The lead singer of Nirvana died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 27.