13 Girls Names That Used to Be Exclusively Male

There’s been much debate in recent years about how to decorate a child’s room, and whether or not one should keep colors and toys gender neutral until the child is old enough to show his or her own interests. But what happens when we name the child?

When it comes to naming your baby, there are generally three categories people go by: boys names, girls names, and gender-neutral names like Alex or Riley. But while we have a pretty good grasp on names that are exclusive to one of the two genders, you may be surprised to know certain girl names were once reserved 100% for the boys.

Nameberry presented a list of names that morphed from blue to pink. Check out some of our favorites in the slide show above. Obviously there are many other factors involved when making that decision, such as if the name is the same as a relative’s, or if the name reminds you of someone you like or dislike. (After all, you don’t want to name your newborn after that witch who tormented you through junior high and high school.)

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