13 Things to Beware of on Friday the 13th

It is that day again, Friday the 13th. The day that all superstitious people might as well just stay at home because you never know what you might come across if you actually leave your safe haven. To help you protect yourself on this spooky day we have listed 13 things to beware of and keep an eye out for.

  1. If you spot a ladder DO NOT walk underneath it. It just isn’t really that safe and, well, you never know what else can happen.
  2. If you see a black cat basically just run the other way. This is definitely one of the older superstitions, as many used to think black cats were associated with witches.
  3. If you see a penny on the floor you need to pick it up! Truth be told, a little coin can help you hold onto your good luck and if you pass it by your good luck will go to someone else.
  4. Carry a rabbit’s foot if you are very afraid of all the wicked things out there. Rumor has it that that little paw can protect you from all evil.
  5. The number to avoid is three. If three horrible things happen to you in a row, then you are pretty much doomed so keep count.
  6. Watch out for three sixes (666), this may be a biblical reference but it is also a major superstition. If you spot those numbers bad luck and evil may be headed your way.
  7. Knock on wood so you won’t jinx yourself. If you accidently say something that may ruin your string of good luck, just knock on some wood and hope for the best.
  8. Never open an umbrella inside the house. If you do this then you are pretty much just asking for some pretty scary things to happen.
  9. Whatever you do just do not break a mirror. We have all heard this before, however this is one of those ancient myths that still may protect you if you follow it.
  10. Sometimes no matter what you do, Mother Nature will let you know if the bad guys are coming out to play. So keep an eye out for a full moon tonight.
  11. If you love your mother DO NOT step on a crack. We all know the phrase “step on a crack, break you mother’s back.” On a day like today it is just better to play it safe.
  12. The number 13 is also very unlucky. So if you happen to spot the double digits anywhere, well you may just be doomed for the day.
  13. Lastly, if you have a goldfish maybe put it outside for the day. Old myths say that the little fishes are known to hold some bad luck.