13 Weird Jobs of Celebrities Before They Became Famous

Before they lived a glamorous life as celebrities and movie superstars, these famous actors had to pay the bills just like the rest of us. While that’s not surprising, some of the unusual jobs held by some of the most iconic names in entertainment might shock you.

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Amy Adams – Hooters Waitress

Amy Adams worked as a Hooters waitress before she became a huge movie star, and she’s not the only celebrity who has a history with the restaurant chain. Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend Holly Madison once worked for the chain, as did Naya Rivera.

Brad Pitt – Limo Driver for Strippers

Brad Pitt held several jobs to pay the bills as a struggling actor. These included a gig dancing in a giant chicken suit, delivering refrigerators, and as a limo driver for strippers as he shuttled them to and from bachelor parties.

Demi Moore – Debt Collector

Demi Moore worked as a credit collection agent for some time in order to make money.

George Clooney – Door-to-Door Insurance Salesman

Before he was a famous actor, George Clooney was a door-to-door insurance salesman. Given his charming nature and good looks, we’re guessing he probably did pretty well in sales.

Hugh Jackman – Party Clown

We’re not clowning, Hugh Jackman seriously earned money as a party clown before he became an actor.

Jennifer Hudson – Burger King

Jennifer Hudson worked at a Burger King before she became a household name on American Idol.

Johnny Depp – Sold Pens Over the Phone

Before he became the international superstar of film, Johnny Depp worked as a telemarketer selling ballpoint pens.

Kanye West – Sales Associate at Gap

When he was still in high school, Kanye West worked in retail as a sales associate at the Gap.

Matthew McConaughey – Cleaned Chicken Coops

It might be dirty work, but somebody has got to do it. Matthew McConaughey worked as a hired hand cleaning dirty chicken coops for a time.

Megan Fox – Banana Mascot

Megan Fox has shared that before she got famous she held a job as a dancing banana to attract customers for a smoothie shop.

Rachel McAdams – McDonald’s

Like Jennifer Hudson, Rachel McAdams is no stranger to working in fast food service. She spent three years working for McDonald’s.

Rod Stewart – Gravedigger

Before he was a world-famous rock star, Rod Stewart worked as a gravedigger in London when he was a teen.

Whoopi Goldberg – Mortuary Beautician, Phone Sex Operator

Whoopi Goldberg has worked as a beautician for a morgue, as a phone sex operator and also for a time as a bricklayer to make some cash.