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14 of the Most Controversial Halloween Costumes

You thought you were being funny. Clever. Ironic. Then you started getting stares, glares, and as the evening picked up the drunks started talking smack. Maybe even attacking back — with words or throwing candy or worse.
What did you do wrong? Friend, you picked the wrong Halloween costume, one that in actuality was base, tasteless, disgusting or worse. (Whatever happened to good old bed sheet ghosts and cardboard box robots?)
Every year this kind of thing happens, and we’re not just talking about tacky costumes-in-a-bag scenario, we’re talking outfits that aren’t appropriate for a child’s eyes, or making jokes about things that aren’t really funny. You know, like domestic violence or a horrendous tragedy (think Chris Brown and Rihanna, our first slide, or a 9/11 costume involving a burning building. And, yes, they have been seen before.)
What are some of the most controversial Halloween costumes? We’re glad you asked, so we collected a bunch of photos — that were disturbingly easy to find — and put them in the slide show for you above.
Don’t see your upcoming wardrobe in the mix? Think you’re okay? But know that you have, in the past, gotten in trouble for your sense of humor? Ask someone’s opinion before putting the outfit together. Not a friend — they won’t be truthful. Ask that person at work you know hates you, the person you know you annoy. They’ll let you know if you’re stepping into controversial Halloween costumes territory or not.

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