14-Year-Old Who Went Missing in 2005 Is Found in the Most WTF Story Ever

Xiao Yun left home at age 14 after arguing with her mom. She never came back home — not until recently.

Yun was presumed dead since the case went cold for 10 years but was found on November 20 by policemen who were doing a routine check on an internet café. They found Yun there in the early hours of the morning. It turns out she’d been living in the café for 10 years!

An addict of video games, Yun was a staunch fan of the online shooter CrossFire. She spent her days playing the game and slept and showered in cafes and bath houses.

In order to buy food and the necessary items for survival, she relied on handouts from other customers of the café  and even occasionally worked there as a cashier.

The police fined Yun 1,000 yuan (£103) and reunited her with her parents. Her mother said they never changed their phone number in the hopes that their daughter would call.

Her mother told The Qianjiang Evening News:

I have a stubborn personality and a short temper, so I used to scold her. But it’s been 10 years and now she’s an adult. I will never scold her again.

There are still so many unanswered questions like, Will she make up the years she missed of school? Is she still a video game addict or will she stay put. Apparently, gaming has its dark side in China. In 2013, a man was found to be living in an internet café much like Yun. He’d been playing a game for six years!