15 Celebrities and Billionaires Who Dropped Out of College

For more and more people, attending college and earning a degree is being thought of as more of an option, rather than a requirement.

Getting a degree is no longer the only ticket to being a success in life.

With 53 percent of recent college grads jobless or underemployed, and 45 percent still living with their parents, deciding to drop out and pursue what you’re passionate about is not necessarily a life or death decision. Student debt is at $1.1 trillion (more than credit card debt) and 10 percent of all borrowers are defaulting on their loans.

College isn’t for everybody. Sure, a degree often proves to a corporation that you are smart, hardworking, driven and worth taking a chance on, but just because you invest $250,000 and years of your life, that doesn’t mean you’re going to secure a career that relates to your major.

Experts agree there is no substitute for finishing school and scoring a degree, but a new study says that even a failed college education is better than none at all.

Here are 15 celebrities and billionaires who dropped out of college and still achieved fortune and fame. While you may not achieve their level of success if you yourself drop out, it’s definitely a great reminder that you can still achieve success against the odds.