15 Crazy and Clever Halloween Costumes for 2012

The late stages of pregnancy can be a real pain, but these creative mom’s-to-be got into the Halloween spirit!

Part of the fun of having your baby is dressing them up for Halloween. Anyone getting hungry? These babies look scrumptious!

There’s nothing harder for a parent than watching their kid be confined to a wheelchair. Parents of these kids made them the envy of the whole neighborhood for Halloween!

Then again, how would you feel about dressing your daughter up as Mother Monster? Maybe it’s a Mommy and Me bonding tradition?

Fergie sure doesn’t need a daughter to pull off this Toddler and Tiara princess. She dressed herself as Honey Boo Boo!

Hey ladies, have you ever been called a b**ch? Now you can do a literal interpretation with this costume!

Of course, there’s always the couples costume. Hey, who doesn’t love a game of beer pong? It does take two!

Guys, if you get put in the dog house, this costume is sure to melt her heart. Who can resist Wilfred the dog?

It’s said men like a little “junk” in their ladies trunk. This costume may be more than anyone could have bargained for though!

Not one to shy away from political controversey? Show your support with this hilarious costume.

And finally, who could forget Justin Timberlake’s SNL skit of d**k in a box? This costume is the “gift” that keeps on giving!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween this year!