You’ll Want to See These Crazy Things Made by Prison Inmates

Necessity truly is the mother of all invention.

And for those who are incarcerated in the prison system, if they really need something, they will figure out a way acquire it or make it themselves. For obvious reasons, people serving time don’t often get to enjoy life’s luxuries. Instead, they spend hours on end in a cramped jail cell left to their own devices. And that can either breed mischief, innovation, or a little bit of both.

While tens of thousands of US inmates are paid pennies to minimum wage to do everything from grunt work to specialized labor (books for the blind, lingerie, license plates), many of them use everyday items to construct simple handmade contraband, intoxicating substances and improvised weapons to cure boredom or to protect themselves against other inmates.

If they can acquire the right materials for the job, there’s no telling what they can make.

After checking out some of things made by prison inmates in the slideshow above, it makes you wonder what kinds of things still haven’t been confiscated.