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15 Fake ‘Before and After’ Meth Photos

We’re guilty of posting a few of those anti-drug infographics — you know the ones, showing a before photo of handsome men and beautiful woman side-by-side with an after photo depicting them, years later, transformed into methed-out, pockmarked monsters? Scary, right?

Well, anything worth talking about is worth making fun of too. And people have come up with dozens, if not hundreds, of before-and-after parody photos. Most of them use beloved pop culture characters and sport the watermark: Meth — not even once. All of them are hilarious.

We collected a few of our favorites in the slideshow above. Scroll through and post your own favorites in the comments below.

Momo Challenge gone wrong.

Mr. Fox isn’t so fantastic after all.

Clearly, Steve Buscemi is a favorite when it comes to the “after” placement.

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