15 Mind-Blowing Money Saving Secrets Your Grocer Won’t Tell You

If you’ve ever had to do a double-take at the checkout lane of a grocery store, you know how quickly items can add up and just how high the price of food can be. You think you’re going in to grab a few eggs, but while you’re there you decide to get some milk or maybe you’re running low on cereal and you pick up a few boxes after noticing they’re on sale. Before you know it, you’ve got a shopping cart full of groceries and a receipt that’s enough to cause a mini heart-attack.

Since most of us shop for our groceries on a weekly basis, you’d think we would have mastered the art of saving money on food, but we’re still racking up huge bills. What gives?

Turns out supermarkets play clever games and though you might have heard of some of their marketing tricks, they’ve got a whole slew of them you may not be aware of, and it’s these very tips that lead you to buy more than you had planned and end up with a much higher bill than expected. What’s most mind-boggling is that you may be falling for these tricks every single time you go shopping, and not ever realize it.

So short of cutting coupons, what can you do to save some money? Better yet, how do you beat the supermarkets at their own games?

Reader’s Digest went out and interviewed supermarket experts, industry analysts, and store employees to get their expert tips and insider strategies on how to save massive amounts on your grocery bill.

In the slideshow above we share 15 of the most mind-blowing tricks we found on the list, as well as the insiders’ expert suggestions to save money on groceries the next time you shop. For the full list of 50 secrets your grocer is keeping from you, including insight on food safety, hygiene, as well as some interesting facts, click over to the original Reader’s Digest article by clicking here.