15 Plastic Surgery Disasters That Jacked Up the Faces (and Bodies) of Celebs

These famous faces have gone overboard with the nipping and tucking.

Not that we’re advocating plastic surgery, but if you’re someone who knows how to nip and tuck with moderation and not end up looking like an alien, more power to you.

Because that’s the point: The key to good plastic surgery is that you’re really not supposed to notice you had anything done at all–meaning that you should probably still look like the same person afterwards.

Unfortunately, for many celebs, their botched plastic surgeries were not investments worth making.

Everyone knows that plastic surgery is supposed to be used to enhance what Mother Nature gave you. But sometimes… it backfires.

Without further adieu, we present our picks for 15 celebrities who ended up with plastic surgery disasters.

This is truly the worst in celebrity reconstruction.

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