15 Tattoos That Transform Scars Into Amazing Works of Art

Scars can be a painful daily reminder of past trauma for many people. For people who have visible scars, it can lead to embarrassing and uncomfortable attention a daily basis. A simple—perhaps well intentioned—question can create an awkward situation on a daily basis for people with scars.

That is why some have chosen to hide their scars with tattoos as a celebration of their body. Not only does it transform their body into an amazing work of art, but it also takes the negative unwanted attention and turns it into something positive.

In these beautiful photos, scar tissue from accidents or surgeries disappears and becomes a canvas for beautiful art.

It’s amazing to see how seamlessly the scars in these examples are incorporated into the body art. No matter how jaggedly the scar may stand out from the rest of the skin alone in the before pictures, the tattoo artist is able to practically erase them from view.

Each scar presents different challenges and calls for unique artistic styles of tattoo.

In the slideshow above is just a sampling of Instagram images of people’s scars before and after the transformation.

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