15-Year-Old with Extraordinarily Long Neck to Go into Surgery

Fu Wengui was six-years-old when he was diagnosed with congenital scoliosis and an abnormal chest frame.

Congenital scoliosis is marked by a spinal deformity in which the vertebrae are not properly formed. This condition occurs in the first six weeks of embryonic formation, and is largely the reason why Wengui has lived with an exceptionally long neck his whole life.

The Beijing, China resident, now 15-years-old, has three extra vertebrae in his neck than what is typical in most people. The standard number is seven – he has 10.

His strikingly long neck has made it difficult for him to walk and is the reason why “he always causes a stir whenever he goes out,” says his dad.

But soon all that may change, as Wengui is preparing to have a surgery to reduce the size of his neck.

A local charity is sponsoring the procedure, which is going to take place at Chaoyang Hospital. Doctors are currently making out a treatment plan.

As for Wengui, he is looking forward to life post-surgery.

“’I just hope I can have a normal neck,” he says.

Our thoughts are with him and wish him a successful operation.