150 Strangers Attend Funeral of Baby Starved to Death to Show Her ‘She Was Loved’

A heartbreaking and tragic story ended with a bittersweet twist when a community of strangers came together to bid farewell to a baby girl who lost her life due to parental neglect.

Mya Edwards was only seven months old when she starved to death after her parents took her and her twin off formula, and according to CBS Chicago, filled their bottles with just water, cereal and baby food. Mya was found in a dark, damp room, and while her sister is was put in a hospital to treat her for malnutrition, Mya suffered a tragic fate and died.

So when a non-profit organization, Rest In His Arms, arranged a proper funeral for the little girl, people who didn’t even know her came to show their respect.

The Huffington Post reports though her uncle, Joaquin Edwards, was the only one relative present at the funeral, he was joined by more than 30 members of the Barrington Police Department and 100 complete strangers who had found out about the baby’s sad story through local news reports.

One of the present law enforcement officials, Detective Sergeant Kevin Croke told reporters, “we were able to show this young girl who wasn’t loved in life and abandoned in death that she was loved.”

Additionally, members of the public donated nearly all the materials for the funeral, included flowers and the coffin.

The uncle told the Chicago Sun that he is happy the little girl has been put to rest in such a loving manner.

“I feel very pleased and at ease to know that she is buried” he said.

Mya’s parents, 19-year-old Markisha Jones and 22-year-old Gene Edwards face charges of involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment and are being held on a $250,000 bond.