16 People Born with Extra Body Parts

It’s actually more common than you’d think to be born with an extra toe or finger, but some of the other extra body parts below may really surprise you. Most people with extra body parts have them removed, but others can’t afford surgery. There may also be other complications after removal: #5 died from a brain infection a year after removal of his undeveloped twin.

Another shocker: a few of the folks mentioned are celebrities!

After looking at the slideshow, check out the video at the bottom of this post for a couple of extras not mentioned below.

  1. Deepak Kumar Paswan was born with a parasitic twin attached to his chest.
  1. A woman went to see a doctor about her foot and was told she had a well-formed nipple on her sole.
  1. A girl in China was born with an immature fetus attached to her back.
  1. A girl named Lakshmi Tatma was born in India with four arms and four legs.
  1. A little boy named Manar was born with an undeveloped twin attached to his head.
  1. Conjoined Indian twins were born with four arms, three legs, two hearts, two kidneys, one liver, one reproductive organ and one stomach
  1. A little boy in Shanghai was born with a third arm jutting out of his shoulder.
  1. A boy named Kangkang was born with a transverse facial cleft so he has two faces and looks like he’s wearing a mask
  1. George Lippert was born with a third leg and an extra toe on the extra body part. An autopsy showed he had two hearts too.
  1. Hannah Kersey was born with two uteruses and gave birth to triplets.
  1. Mark Wahlberg was born with a third nipple.
  1. Singer Kei$ha was born with a quarter-inch tail (it was removed at birth).
  1. A boy was born with six fingers and six toes (An 11th finger or toe is quite common but is usually removed at birth.).
  1. This woman was born with three breasts. This rare condition is, ironically, more prevalent in men.
  1. Oram was born in India with a 13-inch tail.
  1. Hazel Jones was born with two uteruses and two cervixes (two vaginas).