17 Hilariously Dirty Children’s Misspellings

As Bill Cosby will tell you, kids indeed say the darndest things, perhaps only rivaled by the things they write (as evidenced in a previous article here).

Now that I’ve dropped an outdated reference to a long-forgotten CBS show, let’s talk about what this slideshow is really about — how hilarious typos can be, particularly when written in crayon next to a happy little stick figure.

The internet is littered with examples of children’s inability to spell like adults, often with hilariously unintended results that would make your average nun faint with shock and horror.

Accordingly, we need to give you a brief warning: some of these things get unintentionally dirty, but they remain adorable all the same. Click through the slideshow above at your own discretion, and laugh your butt off as you see fit.