17 Horrible Celebrity Photos

When you look at enough TV shows, magazine articles and movies, it’s easy to think that Hollywood stars are practically perfect — at least when it comes to their looks. Sure, they have a leg up on most of us, with personal trainers and moderated meal plans to keep them on track.

That makes sense, because they are in the business of entertaining people, so looking their best is key.

And we know, logically, that they’re humans like the rest of us, so they can easily have an “off” day. It’s just that when we see them it’s rarely with any flaws showing.

Until now. From zits on important days to catching some food in their teeth, celebrities can have their bad days. And, unlike the rest of us, they have people photographing their every move, so when they aren’t looking their best, chances are it’s going to get photographed and shared with the world. Like in this article on horrible celebrity photos.

Need proof that celebrities are definitely not beautiful all of the time? That they have awkward, uncomfortable moment? The above pictures featuring celebs like Beyonce, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Megan Fox and others provide plenty of proof that all of us — from celebs to normal folks — can have off days and moments.

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