17 Hottest Women in Yoga Pants (PHOTOS)

By now, practically everyone on the planet knows who Jen Selter is. Well, at least, anyone who has an Instagram. She has the most famous butt on the Internet these days and you can usually find her sporting a pair of tight yoga pants.

For guys, yoga pants have become one of the greatest inventions of all time, especially when worn on women who thoroughly enjoy squats. Yoga pants act as a push-up bra for a woman’s posterior. And if there’s anything men appreciate more than cleavage, it’s a flattering ass.

As for women, they are the most comfortable piece of clothing they seem to own. They are more comfortable than jeans and more versatile than jeggings. Also, if they wear them out in public, they won’t get the same kind of stares they would if they had worn pajamas.

Here are 17 of the hottest women in yoga pants for your viewing pleasure.

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