17 Reasons Why We’re Excited About Springtime

Although it may not feel like it outside (especially for those on the east coast), spring is here.

Spring not only brings the promise of sunshine and blooming flowers, it’s also a time when life takes on a new energy and people begin to look forward while observing all the glory of new beginnings. It inspires lovers and poets alike, and dazzles spectators with gorgeous planetary displays of bright stars hanging on for one last celestial salute.

Bulbs are starting to push up through the soil, local birds are nesting and feeding their chicks, animals are slowly waking from their winter hibernation, and as the cold weather recedes, more and more people are taking part in outside activities.

It is also a hopeful season of transformation and change.

We don’t remain in any one season or cycle in life indefinitely–just as the seasons change, so do our own cycles and rhythms in life.

This is when long, dark nights turn to lighter, longer days. The rain subsides and our confidence that warmer, brighter days are ahead gives us the motivation to persist through the grey.

Life sure does tend to be fleeting, and this time of year really brings this fact home.

Before all the splendor of spring quickly fades into summer (summer into winter, and so on), make sure you take a moment to enjoy its magnificence.

Here are 17 reasons why we’re excited about spring, and why you should be, too.