17 Funny Engrish Signs – Crazy English Translations from Asia

It seems like there is always something interesting and bizarre coming out of Asia — at least if you’re someone not from an Asian country. Weird Wal-Mart items, strange medical procedures, and Kim Jung-il threatening to declare war on the US because of a movie release are just some of the wacky things we’ve covered from the Far East.

But there is so much more to explore. One of the funniest things for native English speakers to see when visiting Asian countries are the horrible translations on street signs, packaging, restaurant menus and countless other areas. These misspellings and errors seem to be everywhere. Collecting and sharing these unintentionally funny translations has become so popular that folks online have dubbed them as being written in “Engrish,” and countless Tumblr and Pinterest pages have popped up dedicated to these funny Engrish signs, shirts, and notices.

One of the most popular is Engrish.com. Rather than a collection of signs one person finds funny, this is a website where users can upload all the unusual and hilarious signs they find from all over the world.

We explored the site and pulled out some of our favorites to share with you. Check out the slideshow above with some of our favorite posts of bad English translations.