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Guys Women Can’t Resist — 18 Hottest Celeb Bodies

Sure, there are lots of male celebrities who are handsome, but these specimens distinguish themselves with such sexy physical features that it’s nearly impossible to stay focused on lame things like, say, a plot. In short, these are the 18 hottest celebrity guys on the market today.
Most of our favorite male celebs spend hours in the gym trying to perfect their manly physiques. Yeah, we know, life is rough. And, sure, there are tons of hot, shirtless men in Hollywood, but we like to think these guys stand out due to their dedication to health and fitness — and not because God is biased.
From shirtless pictures of Magic Mike men Channing and Joe, to sports figures like David and superstars like Ryan and Jake, we’ve got an amazing assemblage for you to check out. Whether you like them tall, dark and handsome, thoughtful and cerebral or sporty and hunky, we’ve rounded up 18 of the hottest celebrity guys for your enjoyment.

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