180 Exotic Cars Revealed in Portugal — The Story Behind the ‘Find’ Is Fascinating!

Photographer Menezes Morais of Portugal was asked to shoot the above photos. Before he could score the job, he was sworn to secrecy about what he would discover inside of an old barn. Plus, he was told he couldn’t discuss the cars’ location or who owns them.

Thanks to Tom Cotter of Sports Car Market, we do know the following:

The owner of the numerous cars featured in the slideshow was a car dealer in the ’70s and ’80s. Instead of selling all of the cars that were brought to his barn, the owner decided to keep some of the most exciting and valuable ones.

When he couldn’t house any more vehicles, he “soldered” all of its doors shut.

According to Morais, there is a total of 180 cars in the collection, and none of them are for sale.

When the story of the cars first broke, they were part of a hoax. A grandiose tale of a New Yorker buying barn in Portugal and stumbling upon the amazing cars was born.

Cotter, Snopes, and a number of other publications have debunked the fantasy.