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2 Girls, 1 Cockroach in a Bizarre Japanese Game Show

We’ve all heard about a bizarre Japanese game show now and then — but this one is probably the grossest of them all. It recently went viral on Facebook after attracting more than 16 million views, and now it’s being posted all over YouTube. We did some digging and got a few facts on the show as a whole.

But first, if you didn’t get the premise from the headline itself, it’s pretty simple.

Two contestants position themselves either side of a plastic tube with a cockroach sitting in the middle. Each person plugs their lips on each end of that plastic tube and they blow as hard as they can until they can make that creepy crawler fly into the other contestant’s mouth.

Clearly this is a case where you want to be the girl who’s known for being the best blower.

Check it out, and wait for this viral video inspire a television exec to start making a similar show for U.S. audiences.

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