WATCH: This 2-Year-Old Girl Left Her House Alone In the Middle of the Night, You Won’t Believe Why

It was almost midnight when security cameras captured images of a tiny figure walking across a busy street in the darkness, completely alone. The footage was captured outside of a gas station convenience store in Detroit. It turns out the figure was that of a two-year-old girl, who snuck out of her home to walk alone to the store to buy candy.

“The little girl, she started walking around. This aisle, this aisle, this aisle—there’s nobody there,” store owner Mohamad Bazzi told news outlets.

Bazzi said he couldn’t believe what he saw when the toddler walked through his doors—she was fully dressed, including boots and a winter coat.

According to Bazzi the girl made her way to him and set two pennies on the counter, asking for candy. Alarmed that she was alone at night and without any parents insight, Bazzi said he locked the doors so the girl couldn’t get out and immediately called 911.

When police officers arrived and took the child into custody. After locating her parents, authorities brought them to the Highland Park Police Station where they were questioned about the incident.

They discovered that the girl and her family live in an apartment complex across from the convenience store. Everyone is astonished that the child was able to leave without her parents noticing, and that she made it across the busy road unscathed.

Police Chief Kevin Coney said the parents must have been upstairs at the them when the girl let herself out of the house.