2-Year-Old Talks Dad Out of Committing Suicide

A man owes his life to his 2-year-old son after he almost jumped off a ledge in an attempt to end his life, reports Daily Mail.

kids fRao Ni, from China’s Hainan Province, was distressed when he found himself unable to pay his or his 40 employees’ wages after a construction project that he’d neglected to sign a contract for was scraped. He tried to work on negotiations for a year, but was left hopeless and felt he had nowhere left to turn, and in a moment of desperation decided to end his life.

He was preparing to jump off the ledge of a bridge when passersby noticed the man and called the police. Trained negotiators tried to talk him out of it, but after failing to get through, the cops brought in the 39-year-old’s wife and young son as a last ditch effort.

His wife tried to plead with him but it wasn’t until Ni’s young 2-year-old started crying “Dad, come back, don’t jump,” that he finally allowed himself to be hauled back to safety.

Police spokesman Guo Tsou explained: “It is difficult to know what the boy could make out of what was happening, but he must’ve heard his mother and father talking for hours and realized both were upset, and he was also in tears.”

He added “At the end when he started calling his dad, it seemed to get through to him and then the two fell into each other’s arms.”