Socialist Group Pushing for $20/Hour Minimum Wage Posts $13/Hour Job

A Seattle-based socialist group called The Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) has pushed for higher minimum wages for years, going so far as to demand $20 an hour minimum wage for all workers. The only problem is they don’t exactly practice what they preach.

If you’re a socialist looking to get in with some of your cohorts, the FSP is hiring, but be warned — the job only pays $13 an hour. In other words, considerably less than the minimum wage they demand.

From their site,



Compared to the job advertisement:



The position isn’t just for a burger-flipper either, but for an experienced web developer. The advertisement, posted on both Craigslist and, goes on to say that the wages are negotiable depending on experience, but that vague promise doesn’t account for much.

Seattle has recently passed legislation raising the minimum wage for certain workers to $15 an hour, the highest in the nation.


Image credit: ProgressIllinois.