15 Awesome Dads Who Are Nailing the Whole Fatherhood Thing

Fathers hold a special place in their children’s hearts and vice-versa.

The dynamic bond between a loving dad and child is unmatched. While they’re one of our first influences in life, children also shape and change their fathers in ways no one else can. And that sentiment is expressed perfectly in the above slide show, where dads will clearly do whatever is needed in order to make their baby smile.

What we love most about this special relationship — and how it’s exemplified in the slide show — is that there’s no set definition for what makes a good dad. As long as you’re there for your kids, support them, love them and instill good values, you’re doing the whole fatherhood thing right.

So, for those guys out there doing their best, we wanted to honor them. From the heartwarming to the funny to the slightly concerning, these images portray daddy-hood in all its various forms.

Take a look through and if you feel inspired, share a sweet or funny memory you have with your dad in the comments section below. We’d love to hear it.


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